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Hardly and Frankly – An ex-teen super-sleuth “solves” mysteries with the business end of a knife.

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The Sea Cannot Drown Me – my book. It’s also about vigilantes and detective work, but it doesn’t have quite the same flavor as Hardly and Frankly.

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Goodreads – If you want to see what I’ve been reading, as opposed to what I’ve been writing, check me out on goodreads.

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Recently, updates on this website have been a little scarce. That’s my fault – I’ve been falling behind in the content I’ve been creating for the website (the reviews and Hardly and Frankly, for example). I’ve been focusing a lot of time and effort on projects that might never make it to the website, or will take a long time until it gets onto the website. So, updates will be slow, but they will happen.

In regards to the reviews, I have decided to start putting up book reviews on Goodreads. You can read the first one here. I’ll keep putting up movie and tv show reviews on this website.

Oh, and I’m working on getting my book on Amazon in ebook form, so if you like ebooks, look out for that.