Rosemary, for Rememberance

New story’s up.

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This post is going to be a little bit different from the ones that I’ve put up in the past. I’m still going to be talking about a book, but this particular book is one that I wrote. That’s right, people. I wrote a book. And then I decided to self-publish it. (Because I hate success?) And now you can buy it! If… if you want to. It’s called The Sea Cannot Drown Me, and in my (biased) opinion, I think it’s pretty awesome.

Actually, let me tell you a little bit about it before you go off and buy it. Continue reading

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I am not a detective

I like superheroes, so I like to imagine that, if I ever got superpowers, I would use them to become a superhero. I also like mysteries, so, in a similar way, I like to believe that if I did ever stumble upon a legitimate mystery, that I would try to solve it.

This idea of some average joe shmoe trying to solve a mystery is one that can be interesting to read about. Recently, I read a book called Before the Poison, which was an example of this. It wasn’t exactly a great book, but it wasn’t a terrible one either. But what I liked about it was that, to me, it was a somewhat accurate portrayal of what some average joe shmoe trying to solve a mystery would look like – his friends all think he’s crazy/obsessed (partially because the event in question happened decades ago), he only can do it because he’s retired and has a lot of time on his hands, and he isn’t wildly successful. Continue reading

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Setting a Balance

Most of the books I read are either mystery or fantasy. And when I say fantasy, I mean anything with magic in it – urban fantasy, faux-medieval fantasy, post-post-apocalyptic fantasy (stuff like Adventure Time), even things that other people would term “horror.” That’s not to say I don’t read other things – I read books from almost every genre, from sci-fi to historical fiction, but my favorite books tend to be either of the mystery or fantasy genre.

Most of the mystery books I read star private investigators (I blame noir). Most recently, I’ve been reading the Spenser books by Robert B. Parker. One of the awesome things about good private investigator books is that they tend to have a bunch of books written about them. Continue reading

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Crazy Walls Are Awesome

I’m a big fan of crazy walls. For those unfamiliar with the term, a crazy wall is a wall covered with things like newspapers, printed-out websites, pictures with faces circled with thick red marker – all connected by thin lines of string and coincidence. They are awesome.

House of Leaves is the crazy wall of books. Continue reading

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An Anthology of Anthologies

Up until recently, I thought I hated anthologies. I mean, I should like them – it’s just a bunch of short stories. I like short stories. The big problem for me about anthologies is that the stories in them tend to vary so greatly in quality. There are usually one or two great stories, a few okay stories, and one or two really boring or terrible stories. But recently, I read a few anthologies that were pretty consistent in quality, and it was good quality too. But what made these ones different?

All the stories in them were written by the same person! Continue reading

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Lutherian Legend

Let’s talk about a TV show. Since I got Netflix, I’ve been watching a lot more TV shows, mostly via binge watching. One show on Netflix that I liked a lot was Luther. It’s a British detective show, and it is awesome. Again, this isn’t for the kiddies. It’s dark and violent, full of self-administered justice in the back alleys of London. The titular John Luther, played by Idris Elba, tries to always do the right thing, which isn’t always the legal thing. And, in my opinion, the show only gets better as it progresses. Continue reading

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Brick it up!

Everybody loves movies, right? So let’s talk about a movie. One of my favorites. Brick. (In the interest of full disclosure, it is rated R, and drugs and murder play a large role in the plot.) What? You haven’t seen it? Well, go watch it right now. I’ll wait. Continue reading

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