The Siren’s Name was Adelaine

We went back up to her apartment. She went on her laptop, did some more research. I just sort of hung out for a while, alternating between looking over her shoulder and pacing back and forth. I wasn’t bored exactly, just… restless. I felt like I should be doing something.

“I’m going down to the police station.” She looked up at me, questioningly. “I think they took my knife. The one I brought with me to… y’know.” I gestured vaguely in direction of apartment 37c. “I wanna see if I can get it back.”

As I walked by the side of the couch, she reached out and grabbed my hand. She gave it a quick squeeze. I squeezed her hand back. We stayed like that, looking into each other’s eyes, for a long second. It was the longest second I’d ever experienced, maybe the longest second that there ever was. It only lasted a second.

We let go of each other’s hands.

As I reached the doorway, I remembered the apparently unregistered gun in my back pocket. I decided it was probably a bad idea to bring it to the police station.

“I’m gonna leave this here.” I put the gun down on the counter. “Okay?”

She gave me a thumbs-up of acknowledgement, not looking up from her laptop.

I left the apartment.